Out of State home buyer

One word sums up my home buying experience with Cathy Bristol… AWESOME!!!


I lived in Oklahoma City, OK and had just retired from the federal government. I wanted my retirement home to be in the northwest lower Michigan area.


Since I was recently retired and not yet receiving my full annuity I wasn’t certain that I could qualify for a mortgage. There were many homes on the current market that I was interested in and I didn’t want to miss out on a great home. So I did some research on the internet in the hopes of finding a realtor. I made several phone calls to some real estate agents in the Traverse City area interviewing them and addressing my concerns of being retired and trying to qualify for a mortgage. All of them, except Cathy, said that I wouldn’t probably qualify and that it would be best to wait until I was receiving my full annuity. Cathy immediately put me in touch with a local bank. I spoke with the mortgage personnel and I knew within hours that I indeed could qualify for a mortgage loan although I wasn’t receiving my full annuity. The very next day the bank issued a pre-qualification letter stating that I could close within 30 days and I had a great interest rate too.


I made arrangements with Cathy for the next week to view some homes that I was interested in. On the second day I found a home and Cathy wrote up the offer that day and submitted it. The next day the offer was accepted and we closed within 30 days.


Cathy was awesome during the whole process of: scheduling and keeping up on the home inspection, keeping me up to date on where I was in the mortgage process, staying in close contact with the sellers realtor, get answers to my questions from the sellers, catching little errors and getting them resolved. Cathy did most of this while out of town caring for her daughter that just had her grand-baby.


Without Cathy’s local and professional relationships my home buying experience couldn’t have gone any better, especially since I lived out of state. Cathy you’re AWESOME!!!


I would strongly recommend Cathy Bristol to anyone that wanted to have a wonderful home buying experience.


Charlie L.

— Anonymous