First time home buyer merchant marine

As first time home buyers, we were brand new to the real estate market and unsure of even where to begin. Cathy made the entire experience exciting and positive. She took us through numerous properties, helping us to form a clear vision of what we wanted in our first home, coordinating with the property owners and sellers’ agents seamlessly, until we found the ideal setting for our family. From promptly returning phone calls and tirelessly answering questions to carefully drafting paperwork and diligently coordinating with lenders, Cathy’s work was swift and thorough. No matter how busy her day, Cathy treated us like her first priority. Most importantly, Cathy stood firm in protecting our best interests with all of the integrity, strength, character and honesty one would expect in a real estate professional. We continue to utilize Cathy’s expertise as we expand our real estate investments and enthusiastically recommend her to others entering the market.

— J.D and Heather B